The Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator joined the Generation Equality Forum in Paris (June 30-July 2) through the “Drivers of Change” Program. On July 2, the Accelerator hosted a panel titled “Building a Transformative Strategy for Gender-Responsive Procurement,” aiming at creating awareness of the disproportionately complex and interconnected barriers on women’s entrepreneurship and promoting gender-responsive procurement strategies.

At the event, WEA also joined four of the Generation Equality Action Coalitions through policy, programmatic, and advocacy commitments: Economic Justice and Rights; Feminist Action for Climate Justice; Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality; and Feminist Movements and Leadership. The Accelerator also committed to empower 5 million women by the end of 2030 by alleviating the main economic and social roadblocks faced by women entrepreneurs.

Link Copy: PR_WEA_GEFWEGE_Final